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‘PMS’ is short for ‘Premenstrual Syndrome’. It’s an umbrella term for the cluster of physical, emotional, and/or behavioral symptoms that can present as early as 10 days before your period starts, and can last until your period ends.

Vitamin B6 is a versatile vitamin that’s involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions.

1.Vitamin B6 reduces estrogen dominance

2.helps progesteron production

3.supports neurotransmitter production

4.reduces histamine

        Vitamin D IM adminstration was associated with a reduction in the incidence of several symptoms of PMS such as backache and tendency to cry easily as well as decrement in pain severity of dysmenorrhea

Ingredients : Combipack of Vitamin B6,B12 and B1

                       Viatmin D 60000 IU




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