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admin | 21 Jun 2022

Immune Support

Vitamin C improves our immune system’s ability to neutralize bacterial, viral, and even fungal infections.

Antihistamine Effects

Suffer from spring-time allergies? Experience frequent asthma attacks? A lack of Vitamin C can lead to an increase in both these issues.

Vitamin C has been shown to have a general 
antihistaminic effect and decrease bronchial responsiveness overall. Free radicals contribute to the cause of airway obstruction-- like in asthma patients. Vitamin C is known to be a “radical scavenger” that doesn’t hurt the body.

Upping your Vitamin C intake through IV therapy is a huge benefit for those who frequently battle allergies and asthma.


Anti-Cancer Properties

When used alongside traditional chemotherapy treatments, studies show Vitamin C can effectively assist in the treatment of many types of cancer by:

Reducing toxicity levels in your body

Vitamin C can help you tolerate higher doses of chemotherapy. It does this by reducing toxicity levels within your body. Vitamin C allows chemotherapy drugs to attack cancer cells while simultaneously shielding those drugs from the rest of your body.

Fighting off cancer cells

Vitamin C does more than just protect your body-- it can even help you fight cancer. Vitamin C is great for your immune system. When administered intravenously, high doses of Vitamin C will exclusively attack cancer cells, leaving healthy tissue unharmed


Antioxidant Effects

Oxidation is a normal chemical process that happens in your body. Disruptions in this process through things like stress, alcohol consumption, and smoking, cause highly unstable and damaging molecules to form. These molecules are called “free radicals” and can harm your DNA, leading to health issues like cancer and cholesterol buildup on your blood vessels.

Research shows that Vitamin C acts as an 
effective antioxidant. Taking high doses of Vitamin C can help prevent this chemical process from occurring and stop free radicals from developing in your body and causing damage.