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Hair Vitality Drip

Vitamin deficiency can have a huge impact on hair loss. If your body is lacking certain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants then it can reduce your hair growth or cause the hair follicles to cease production of hair entirely, causing hair thinning and baldness.This intravenous infusion provides a concentrated dose of essential vitamins , minerals and amino acids shown to support strong and shiny hair.


  • Provides a therapeutic dose of nutrients delivered directly to the bloodstream
  • Bypasses GI tract for optimal absorption
  • Supports healthy hair growth and minimizes hair loss
  • Strengthens and improves nail appearance
  • Enhances shine, smoothness, and manageability of hair
  • Helps repair damage from environmental stressors
  • Boosts keratin production for added elasticity

    Essential amino acids/ B5 / B6  /B12/ Folic Acid / Zinc /NAC / Iron / Vitamin D

Rs.4400.00 Rs.6999.00

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